Healthy Raising

Healthy Raising

 Health Testing Includes

  • X-rays of pups to determine if puppy has a stable spine or if it could possibly become paralyzed as it ages.

  • Hip Xrays to determine dysplasia.

  • DVM Cardiologist Heart Exam to determine defects in the puppy’s heart that could cause your puppy to drop dead at 8 or 9 months old.

  •  Blood test to determine Thyroid levels, Liver and Kidney function.

  •  Fecal test to determine worms, Coccidia or Giardia which can cause death if untreated in a young puppy.

  • Eye and hearing exams.

  • Patella certification testing.

Health Certificate

Vet examines your pet briefly by listening to heart, taking temp and makes sure the pet can stand on its own. All Health Certificate shows is pet appeared to be free of disease at the time of exam.

All of our puppies are microchipped prior to leaving our home. The number on the microchip is a tracer number.

 Microchipping substantially increases the likelihood of your Frenchie returning home by offering secure, reliable, unique and permanent identification.

Our puppies get their first set of vaccines between their 6-8 weeks of age and their 2nd vaccines around 9 weeks of age. They are also dewormed 2x prior to going to their new homes.